Breakouts, Escape Rooms, and Challenges! Oh my! 

Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week was created to ensure that teens are competent and ethical users of digital media. This especially means the non-print resources offered through libraries, such as e-books, e-readers, databases, audiobooks, and social media. This special “techy” celebration begins the first Sunday in March and lasts an entire week. This challenge is to help you explore technology, both old and new. So, let’s begin!

Super Mario Escape Room

Can you help Mario escape the Valley of Bowser?! You must work through a series of puzzles to escape the valley. To defeat each foe you must solve each puzzle and find a code consisting of letters and numbers. Good luck!

*This escape room uses all UPPER CASE letters.

African American History Museum Breakout
You and your family were visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC when you got separated. Now, it’s closing time and you’re locked up on the 4th floor. You know that your family will be searching for you outside, so you need to work fast to break out of this museum and meet them.

To leave each floor, you need to solve the puzzles and unlock the codes to make it out of the museum. Good luck!

*This escape room uses all UPPER CASE letters.