Here is what community members have to say about how the Healthy Living and Learning Center has helped them:

Healthy Eating Day – November, 2013
It went great. The food was good and a new taste experience for a lot of folks!

Robert attended Healthy Eating Day and read his materials while walking home from the session. He shared with us he was surprised to learn the amount of sodium in certain foods and now has a better understanding on how to impact his health for the better.

“I found the resources very helpful and will return for more information at a later date”
“Thank you, very helpful!”

“This was helpful. She previously (2011) went to the emergency room due to pain, they told her she had an ulcer. She was prescribed medication and was okay then. She wanted to know the causes and symptoms of ulcers.”

I am very grateful for the program.

Survey Responses
Patron will be checking back with their son’s physician to determine next steps for treatment.

Very Thankful and making an appointment for next week with Healthy Start

Very appreciative; especially about the potential questions to ask the doctor and how to conduct a breast exam. She has a lump that has been there for several months.

It was very enlightening and informative!

Very Helpful!


Presentation Attendees:

I am very thankful to hear about [the center]. I want to attend the classes.

Keep up the good work!

It’s a great thing.

Now that I know about it, I will be going!