Request Form

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Requests for participation from the Healthy Living and Learning Team will be fielded by or directed to the Healthy Living and Learning Center Program Coordinator and/or Leadership Team.

Screening criteria to determine HLLC participation will be considered and the requesting party notified within 7 business days after a community event/presentation request has been received.

Criteria for screening requests 

The following screening criteria will be used to determine which requests the Healthy Living and Learning Team will be able to accommodate:

  • Timeliness – requests must be received a minimum of two (2) weeks before the event date.
  • Service match – requests for activities should align with outreach objectives and services provided by the Healthy Living and Learning Center.
  • Resource  availability – necessary HLLC personnel and resources must be available to comply with the request.
  • Date availability –HLLC personnel/resources must be available for the date/time requested.
  • Target audience –  event target audience should match the Healthy Living and Learning Center priorities, and anticipated numbers of people attending the event must be sufficient to make HLLC participation worthwhile.
  • Event sponsor – evidence must be present to insure that the event is  well-planned and organized, especially if this the first time for this event.

Confirmed Participation

When a decision is made to comply with a Presentation/Outreach request, the responding (or assigned) person(s) will communicate with the requesting party and coordinate HLLC participation. This includes scheduling of HLLC staff and providing a professional display/presentation appropriate to the event or activity.

All participation in community events should be recorded for tracking purposes and reported to the Healthy Living and Learning Center Leadership Team.