Computer Training Courses

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Petersburg Public Library Computer Classes

We have free, hands-on computer classes for beginner (basic) and intermediate level participants.

Beginner Class

Class Times: Mondays, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (dates subject to change)

JANUARY 4Intro to Computers: Using simple features of the Word 2013 ribbon

JANUARY 11Basics of Word 2013- Part 1, Creating a letter sized poster + Graphics, page border
JANUARY 25Basics of Word 2013- Part 2, Creating a resume' from a template
FEBRUARY 1Basics Word 2013- Part 3, Creating a cover letter for the resume'
FEBRUARY 8Basics of Excel 2013- Part 1, Formatting a Worksheet
FEBRUARY 22Basics of Excel 2013, Part 2 -- Creating a chart with enhancements
FEBRUARY 29Basics of PowerPoint 2013, Part 2 --Creating a Presentation without animation
MARCH 7Internet and eMail Basics, Registering and using a Free Gmail account - Send and email, reply & forward, add attachments - You must have a valid email account & be able to log on

Intermediate Class

Class Times: Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (dates subject to change)

JANUARY 7Using the application, Part 1 -- Creating an account, and finding your first leaf. Participants will need to bring their own historical information
JANUARY 14Using the application, part 2 -- Finding more generations
JANUARY 28Advanced Features of Word 2013, Part 1 - Designing a newsletter -- Creating the nameplate
FEBRUARY 4Advanced Features of Word 2013, Part 2 -- Placing articles in the newsletter
FEBRUARY 11Advanced Features of Word 2013, Part 3 - Adding columns, graphics to a newsletter, and formatting articles, headings, and subheadings.
FEBRUARY 25Excel 2013, Part 1 - Creating a worksheet with special formats
MARCH 3Excel 2013, Part 2 and Word 2013 - Creating a chart with special effects
MARCH 10Access 2013 - Making a database and doing simple queries