Petersburg 1,000 Pound Challenge

The first-ever Petersburg 1,000 Pound Challenge has generated so much interest in just 3 DAYS, the decision has been made to extend the registration period! Whether participants are looking for the motivation to get started or searching for a new enhancement in their fitness journey, the Petersburg 1,000 Pound Challenge is the way to go.

The challenge will officially run from October 6th – November 5th, registration is now open through Wednesday, October 9th. The ultimate winners of this challenge are the group and individual who shed the most pounds; final weigh-ins for groups will be based on the average of total pounds lost. Groups must have a minimum of 10 members, however, there is no maximum number for group members.

Added Bonus! – A FREE YMCA MEMBERSHIP is offered for the duration of the challenge for those who sign-up during the registration period (this offer does not apply to current YMCA members).

Participants will have the opportunity to weigh-in at 4 different sites throughout the City including:

  1. Petersburg YMCA
  2. Petersburg Public Library
  3. Southside Physicians Network – Surgery
  4. Virginia State University Wellness Center (For VSU Participants Only)

Participants are provided with a detailed list of various activities that can be completed throughout the challenge to also earn challenge points. Pounds and Points will be tracked through the YMCA Richmond App or a challenge passport provided during registration.

Prizes include a free 3-month YMCA membership for the individual with the most pounds lost, the official competition trophy for the group with the most pounds lost, and a grand prize gift basket for the individual with the most points earned.