Tweens & Teens


Welcome to the Tween/Teen Page! 

Why a tween/teen page? 

A young adult page was created to highlight and celebrate your voices, interests, and ideas. Here at Petersburg Public Library, tweens and teens are valued for “out-of-the-box” thinking and unique viewpoints. As a teen, you are tasked with learning skills for adulthood while managing your school, home, and social lives. Hopefully, you will find this page filled with resources and activities that fit your interests and needs. 

What to expect? 

This page will always have a drop-down menu available to you. This menu will provide you with easy access to fun activities, blogs, tutorials, and current library news as time goes on. The perfect aspect about this page is that most of the content will be produced by you, the teens of Petersburg. 

By applying for a VolunTeen position at the library, you will be given the chance to produce content for this page. Click here to see more information about the Virtual VolunTeen program. 

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns? 

If you have anything you want to share or see happen at your library, then please contact your Youth Services Librarian. 

Quettara Drayton 

Youth Services Librarian

Text: (540)-220-1233