The Petersburg Public Library is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and there’s no better time to get a library card! Whether you’re a longtime resident or new to the area, a library card opens the door to a world of opportunities and resources. Here are 100 reasons why you should get your new library card today:

  1. VIP: Mayor Sam Parham has a library card.
  2. Political Events: Participate in town hall meetings and other political events to stay informed and engaged with local governance.
  3. Virginians welcome: You don’t have to live in Petersburg, Virginia to get a card.
  4. Celebrate History: Join in the 100-year celebration with our special commemorative library card.
  5. Exclusive Access: Get access to a vast collection of books, eBooks, audiobooks, and more.
  6. Community Events: Attend free events and programs designed for all ages.
  7. Educational Resources: Access databases and learning tools for students of all levels.
  8. Cultural Enrichment: Explore diverse cultural programs, workshops, and exhibits.
  9. Research Tools: Utilize scholarly journals, historical archives, and reference materials.
  10. Reading Programs: Keep children reading with seasonal reading events
  11. Children’s Programs: Enjoy story times, crafts, and educational activities for kids.
  12. Teen Resources: Find dedicated spaces and programs for teenagers.
  13. Free Internet: Access free Wi-Fi and public computers.
  14. Community Hub: Connect with fellow community members in a welcoming space.
  15. Study Spaces: Use quiet study areas for focused work and research.
  16. Meeting Rooms: Reserve meeting rooms for group projects and events.
  17. Printing Services: Take advantage of affordable printing, copying, and scanning services.
  18. Job Search Help: Access job search tools, resume help, and career resources.
  19. Language Learning: Learn a new language with our language programs and tools.
  20. Health Resources: Find health and wellness information and resources.
  21. Local History: Explore Petersburg’s rich history with our local archives.
  22. Genealogy Resources: Trace your family history with our genealogy tools.
  23. Mobile hotspots: Need internet? Check out a mobile hotspot and take the internet with you.
  24. Workshops: Attend workshops on a variety of topics, from gardening to finance.
  25. Volunteer Opportunities: Give back to your community by volunteering at the library.
  26. Author Visits: Meet your favorite authors during special guest appearances.
  27. Book Recommendations: Get personalized reading recommendations from our librarians.\
  28. Library partnership: You can use your card at the Appomattox Regional Library System (Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Prince George)
  29. Library News: Stay updated with library newsletters and announcements.
  30. Special Collections: Access unique and rare collections exclusive to our library.
  31. Summer Reading Program: Keep kids engaged and learning all summer long.
  32. Environmentally Friendly: Borrowing books reduces waste and supports sustainability.
  33. Family Fun: Find activities and programs for the whole family to enjoy.
  34. Tutoring Services: Get help with school subjects through tutoring programs.
  35. Quiet Escape: Enjoy a peaceful environment away from home and work.
  36. Local Artists: Discover local art exhibits and support community artists.
  37. Financial Literacy: Improve your financial knowledge with our resources and workshops.
  38. Blood pressure monitors: Want to monitor your blood pressure? Check out a monitor. Includes counseling from a professional health care provider.
  39. Accessible Resources: Access materials for those with disabilities, including large print and audiobooks.
  40. Early Literacy: Support early childhood literacy with our programs and resources.
  41. STEM Programs: Engage kids in science, technology, engineering, and math activities.
  42. Homework Help: Find resources and assistance for homework and school projects.
  43. Movies: Find recent movies on DVD, and old favorites on our Hoopla platform
  44. Outside borrowing: Need an item from Dinwiddie, Prince George or Hopewell? Place it on hold through our catalog and pick it up here
  45. Outside pick-up locations: Is it more convenient to pick up your items at a library in Dinwiddie, Prince George or Hopewell? Place it on hold through the catalog, and we will send it to them
  46. Cookbook Collections: Explore our collection of cookbooks and culinary resources.
  47. Home Improvement: Find DIY information on how to renovate and decorate your older home, or simply to fix some problems
  48. Gardening Resources: Find books that will help you develop your flower or kitchen garden.
  49. Fitness Classes: Join fitness and wellness classes hosted at the library.
  50. Travel Guides: Plan your next trip with our extensive travel guide collection.
  51. Environment Resources: Concerned about environmental conservation? We have books full of ideas.
  52. Consumer Reports: Access product reviews and recommendations.
  53. Business Resources: Find tools and resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  54. Mental Health Resources: Have a diagnosis, but aren’t sure what to do next? Check out our materials on common mental health problems.
  55. Career Coaching: Get career advice and coaching.
  56. Resume Building: Learn how to build and improve your resume.
  57. Interview Prep: Prepare for job interviews with our resources and workshops.
  58. Coding Classes: Get your children enrolled in robotics classes to start learning this valuable skill.
  59. Video Gaming: Forthcoming! Watch in the coming months for our new gaming spaces!
  60. Seasonal Programs: Participate in seasonal events and holiday celebrations.
  61. Community Outreach: Benefit from our community outreach programs.
  62. Adult Education: Enroll in adult education classes and programs.
  63. Life Skills: Cooking, sewing, decorating, flower arranging… We have books to teach it all.
  64. Public Art: Enjoy rotating displays of public art within the library.
  65. Maps: collection of maps, showing Petersburg at many time periods.
  66. Parenting Resources: Access resources and programs for parents and caregivers.
  67. Legal Resources: Utilize legal information and resources.
  68. Grant Writing: Learn how to write grants with our workshops and resources.
  69. Comics and Manga: Explore our collection of comics and manga.
  70. Local author collection: Explore books by local authors, current and historic.
  71. Local Author Expo: Come to our annual local author expo to meet the authors next door.
  72. Health Screenings: Participate in free health screenings and wellness checks.
  73. Notary: Free notary service!
  74. Disaster Preparedness: From basic first aid to bug out bags, we have you covered
  75. Bilingual Resources: Find resources in multiple languages.
  76. Nonprofit Resources: Get support for nonprofit organizations and initiatives.
  77. Passport applications: Planning a trip? Schedule an appointment to get your passport submitted.
  78. Historical Talks: Attend talks and lectures on historical topics.
  79. Computer Classes: Take our computer classes
  80. Scholarships Info: Access information on scholarships and educational grants.
  81. Special requests: Think there is something we should have? Tell us, and we will see about getting it.
  82. Family History: Research and document your family history.
  83. Book Awards: Discover award-winning books and authors.
  84. Local Partnerships: Benefit from partnerships with local businesses and organizations.
  85. Public Forums: Engage in public forums and community discussions.
  86. Environmental Programs: Join programs focused on environmental stewardship.
  87. We’ll hold it: If we don’t have it yet, or someone else has it now, place a request, and sit back. We’ll let you know when it comes in.
  88. Library Love: Show your support for the Petersburg Public Library and be part of its future.
  89. Poetry Slams: Participate in or watch poetry slams and spoken word events.
  90. Keep yourself busy: Check out up to 99 items at a time!
  91. Music Programs: Enjoy music programs and concerts hosted by the library.
  92. Library Tours: Take a tour to learn more about the library’s history and services.
  93. Discover what is happening around you: We are a center of information!
  94. Two weeks (at least): Check out books for two weeks… and if you aren’t finished with them, they will renew automatically up to five times (as long as no one else requests them).
  95. Historic newspapers: Petersburg newspapers on microfilm back to the early 1800s. Also, the Progress Index from 2001 on our website.
  96. Photography Exhibits: Explore photography exhibits and participate in photo contests.
  97. Local Obituaries: Know the date? Let us know, and we will look up obituaries for you.
  98. Debate Clubs: Participate in debate clubs and improve your public speaking skills.
  99. Environmental Conservation: Access resources on environmental conservation and sustainability.
  100. Community Gardening: Get involved in community gardening projects through the library. 

Get involved in community gardening projects through the library. Getting a new library card at the Petersburg Public Library is more than just accessing books – it’s about being part of a vibrant community and celebrating 100 years of knowledge, culture, and connection. Visit the library today and get your commemorative card while supplies last!