Loan Periods

Books 2 Weeks
Audio Books 2 Weeks
New Fiction 2 Weeks
Magazines 2 Weeks
DVDs & Videos 2 Days
Music CDs 2 Weeks


The Petersburg Public Library does not charge fines for overdue materials.  After 45 days, an overdue item is considered long overdue and the cost of the item will be added to your account, and your account will be suspended.  You can return the item, replace the item (with a new copy of the same edition), or pay for the item to get your account reactivated.

If your account is currently suspended due to overdue fines outstanding from our previous fine policy, contact a staff member to have those fines waived.


Computer Print Outs $0.15 per page
Faxes $2.00 first page
$1.00 each additional
Copies $0.15 per page
Microfilm Reader/Printer $0.20 per page

If items are not returned, they will be automatically renewed up to 5 times.  After that, you will need to return the items or late fees will be charged.