For the month of May, come and see the 40 Faces, 40 Years exhibit on display at Petersburg Public Library! We had the opportunity to sit down with one of the unique faces of the exhibit: Briana Green, captured through the lens of renowned photographer Glen McClure.

Born in Norfolk and lifelong resident of Virginia, Glen McClure has brought the people and places of the US and Europe into focus through his photography. His path began to unfold after he purchased his first camera at 19, leading him to become a photographer’s assistant at the Studio Center in Norfolk and later the photography manager at Arthur Polizos Associates.

McClure’s portfolio gradually evolved from commercial photography to artistic portraits and landscapes, with his stunning images of “real people” in their natural habitats gaining international acclaim. Influenced by early 20th-century photographers Josef Sudek and Paul Strand, McClure’s work is recognized for masterful techniques and immediate connections between subject and viewer.

His deep love of world travel has inspired haunting, panoramic images of natural wonders across Virginia, Italy, France, and Ireland. With over 65 solo exhibitions and 50 group exhibitions in the US and Europe, McClure’s work is celebrated in private collections and museums worldwide, including the Chrysler Museum of Art, The Polaroid Collection, and The Mariners Museum.

Join us as we delve into Briana Green’s story, captured by the talented lens of Glen McClure, and explore the powerful narratives behind each portrait in the ’40 Faces, 40 Years’ exhibit.

Briana Green, a native of the Richmond area, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and grew up in Dinwiddie and Chesterfield, Virginia, alongside her older sister. Placed in foster care as a child, Briana was raised by family members, who received support from the Virginia Department of Social Services for her and her siblings’ care during their school years. This assistance was also intended to facilitate Briana’s higher education, which she pursued at VCU, graduating with a major in criminal justice. Throughout her academic journey, she interned with juvenile probation and now serves as a mental health specialist, leveraging her expertise to intervene in juvenile cases before they escalate to probationary measures.

Despite her dedication and perseverance, Briana faced financial challenges, as she was unaware that her foster family received support for her education. Consequently, she resorted to taking out student loans to cover living expenses on top of tuition costs. Seeking resolution to this family dispute, Briana has turned to the Virginia Poverty Law Center’s family law attorney for assistance.