For over a century, The Bank of Southside Virginia (BSV) has been committed to strengthening the local community. “Our mission is deeply rooted in the love and care we have for this area, and we aren’t going anywhere,” says a representative from BSV. “Every day, we strive to drive economic growth for local businesses and residents because we understand that a community like ours stays strong when money stays within it. We are dedicated to ensuring that our community’s prosperity is not outsourced to those who do not live here or care about Southside Virginia.”

However, financial strength alone does not build a strong community. It requires a blend of thoughtful ingredients, including politics, arts, philanthropy, equity, historic preservation, nature, and values-driven community leaders. These elements, when combined, create a vibrant and resilient community.

One such community leader is Wayne Crocker, the Director of the Petersburg Public Library. Wayne embodies the spirit and dedication needed to strengthen the community. Over the past 40 years, he has transformed the library into much more than a repository of books. Under his leadership, the Petersburg Public Library has become a beacon of hope in an area where hope can sometimes be in short supply. His decades of service and commitment to bettering Petersburg are truly humbling.

“It is our honor to work with and celebrate leaders like Wayne Crocker in our own small way,” says the BSV representative. “We believe in highlighting the people and places that make Southside Virginia strong through our marketing campaign, ‘BSV Loves Local.’ This campaign features photos and videos shared across various channels, including Facebook, TV, and outdoor billboards.”

In the featured image taken by photographer Scott Elmquist, Wayne Crocker is seen standing proudly within the Petersburg Public Library, a testament to his enduring impact on the community. As BSV continues to support and promote local heroes like Wayne, they are reminded of the vital role these individuals play in fostering a strong, united, and thriving community.

This year is particularly special as the Petersburg Public Library also celebrates its 100th anniversary. “We are excited to recognize this milestone and look forward to the many ways we will continue to support our community together,” says the BSV representative. “Stay tuned for more stories of incredible local leaders and the initiatives that keep Southside Virginia vibrant. Together, we can continue to build a community where every resident has the opportunity to flourish.”