Governor Glenn Youngkin recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at tackling food insecurity in Petersburg, a long-standing issue in the community. The unveiling of the 26-foot-long Goodr Co. truck signifies a significant milestone in addressing the lack of access to fresh food and healthy staples for residents living in the heart of the city’s food desert.

Partnerships Driving Change:
Thanks to partnerships with major companies such as Amazon, Anthem Insurance, Bon Secours health system, and Comcast, the mobile grocery store now offers free food to Petersburg residents. These collaborations have made it possible to provide essential resources to those in need and pave the way for future development in the area.

Community Impact and Future Prospects:
Mayor Sam Parham emphasizes the importance of gathering insights from the community to tailor offerings and inform the development of a permanent supermarket in downtown Petersburg. This feedback loop ensures that resources are allocated effectively and that the needs of residents are met comprehensively.