Experience the Best of Plant-Based Living at the 2nd Annual Veg in the ‘Burg!

Are you ready to dive into the world of plant-based living? The 2nd Annual Veg in the ‘Burg is just around the corner, and it promises to be a fantastic day of delicious food, inspiring speakers, and engaging activities. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan, curious about plant-based diets, or simply looking for a fun and educational outing, this event has something for everyone.

Event Details:

Date: June 29, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Here at Petersburg Public Library 201 W. Washington St. Petersburg, VA 23803
Admission: Free!

What to Expect:

The Veg in the ‘Burg event is designed to celebrate and promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to:

Vendors: Explore a diverse array of vendors offering everything from fresh produce and vegan snacks to cruelty-free beauty products and eco-friendly household items. Support local businesses and discover new favorites to incorporate into your daily routine.

Speakers: Gain insights and inspiration from a lineup of speakers who are passionate about plant-based living. Topics will cover a range of subjects including nutrition, sustainability, and animal rights. Stay tuned for the announcement of our special guest speakers!

Cooking Demos: Learn how to create delicious plant-based meals at home with live cooking demonstrations. Talented chefs will share their tips and tricks for making healthy and flavorful dishes that will delight your taste buds and nourish your body.

Health Discussion Panel: Join a panel of health experts as they discuss the various benefits of a plant-based diet. From improved heart health to increased energy levels, find out how making the switch can positively impact your well-being.

Music and More: Enjoy live music performances that will keep the atmosphere lively and fun. There will also be activities for kids, making this a family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy.


We are grateful for the support of our generous sponsors who have made this event possible:

  • Rilaks2Njoy
  • Your Path to Living Well
  • The Breathe Bar
  • A Well-Fed World
  • Sentara Health
  • Richmond Vegan Action
  • River Street Market

Their commitment to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle aligns perfectly with the mission of Veg in the ‘Burg.

Join Us!

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn more about the benefits of plant-based living, and enjoy a day filled with fun activities and delicious food. We can’t wait to see you there!

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100 Reasons to Get a New Library Card at Petersburg Public Library

The Petersburg Public Library is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and there’s no better time to get a library card! Whether you’re a longtime resident or new to the area, a library card opens the door to a world of opportunities and resources. Here are 100 reasons why you should get your new library card today:

  1. VIP: Mayor Sam Parham has a library card.
  2. Political Events: Participate in town hall meetings and other political events to stay informed and engaged with local governance.
  3. Virginians welcome: You don’t have to live in Petersburg, Virginia to get a card.
  4. Celebrate History: Join in the 100-year celebration with our special commemorative library card.
  5. Exclusive Access: Get access to a vast collection of books, eBooks, audiobooks, and more.
  6. Community Events: Attend free events and programs designed for all ages.
  7. Educational Resources: Access databases and learning tools for students of all levels.
  8. Cultural Enrichment: Explore diverse cultural programs, workshops, and exhibits.
  9. Research Tools: Utilize scholarly journals, historical archives, and reference materials.
  10. Reading Programs: Keep children reading with seasonal reading events
  11. Children’s Programs: Enjoy story times, crafts, and educational activities for kids.
  12. Teen Resources: Find dedicated spaces and programs for teenagers.
  13. Free Internet: Access free Wi-Fi and public computers.
  14. Community Hub: Connect with fellow community members in a welcoming space.
  15. Study Spaces: Use quiet study areas for focused work and research.
  16. Meeting Rooms: Reserve meeting rooms for group projects and events.
  17. Printing Services: Take advantage of affordable printing, copying, and scanning services.
  18. Job Search Help: Access job search tools, resume help, and career resources.
  19. Language Learning: Learn a new language with our language programs and tools.
  20. Health Resources: Find health and wellness information and resources.
  21. Local History: Explore Petersburg’s rich history with our local archives.
  22. Genealogy Resources: Trace your family history with our genealogy tools.
  23. Mobile hotspots: Need internet? Check out a mobile hotspot and take the internet with you.
  24. Workshops: Attend workshops on a variety of topics, from gardening to finance.
  25. Volunteer Opportunities: Give back to your community by volunteering at the library.
  26. Author Visits: Meet your favorite authors during special guest appearances.
  27. Book Recommendations: Get personalized reading recommendations from our librarians.\
  28. Library partnership: You can use your card at the Appomattox Regional Library System (Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Prince George)
  29. Library News: Stay updated with library newsletters and announcements.
  30. Special Collections: Access unique and rare collections exclusive to our library.
  31. Summer Reading Program: Keep kids engaged and learning all summer long.
  32. Environmentally Friendly: Borrowing books reduces waste and supports sustainability.
  33. Family Fun: Find activities and programs for the whole family to enjoy.
  34. Tutoring Services: Get help with school subjects through tutoring programs.
  35. Quiet Escape: Enjoy a peaceful environment away from home and work.
  36. Local Artists: Discover local art exhibits and support community artists.
  37. Financial Literacy: Improve your financial knowledge with our resources and workshops.
  38. Blood pressure monitors: Want to monitor your blood pressure? Check out a monitor. Includes counseling from a professional health care provider.
  39. Accessible Resources: Access materials for those with disabilities, including large print and audiobooks.
  40. Early Literacy: Support early childhood literacy with our programs and resources.
  41. STEM Programs: Engage kids in science, technology, engineering, and math activities.
  42. Homework Help: Find resources and assistance for homework and school projects.
  43. Movies: Find recent movies on DVD, and old favorites on our Hoopla platform
  44. Outside borrowing: Need an item from Dinwiddie, Prince George or Hopewell? Place it on hold through our catalog and pick it up here
  45. Outside pick-up locations: Is it more convenient to pick up your items at a library in Dinwiddie, Prince George or Hopewell? Place it on hold through the catalog, and we will send it to them
  46. Cookbook Collections: Explore our collection of cookbooks and culinary resources.
  47. Home Improvement: Find DIY information on how to renovate and decorate your older home, or simply to fix some problems
  48. Gardening Resources: Find books that will help you develop your flower or kitchen garden.
  49. Fitness Classes: Join fitness and wellness classes hosted at the library.
  50. Travel Guides: Plan your next trip with our extensive travel guide collection.
  51. Environment Resources: Concerned about environmental conservation? We have books full of ideas.
  52. Consumer Reports: Access product reviews and recommendations.
  53. Business Resources: Find tools and resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  54. Mental Health Resources: Have a diagnosis, but aren’t sure what to do next? Check out our materials on common mental health problems.
  55. Career Coaching: Get career advice and coaching.
  56. Resume Building: Learn how to build and improve your resume.
  57. Interview Prep: Prepare for job interviews with our resources and workshops.
  58. Coding Classes: Get your children enrolled in robotics classes to start learning this valuable skill.
  59. Video Gaming: Forthcoming! Watch in the coming months for our new gaming spaces!
  60. Seasonal Programs: Participate in seasonal events and holiday celebrations.
  61. Community Outreach: Benefit from our community outreach programs.
  62. Adult Education: Enroll in adult education classes and programs.
  63. Life Skills: Cooking, sewing, decorating, flower arranging… We have books to teach it all.
  64. Public Art: Enjoy rotating displays of public art within the library.
  65. Maps: collection of maps, showing Petersburg at many time periods.
  66. Parenting Resources: Access resources and programs for parents and caregivers.
  67. Legal Resources: Utilize legal information and resources.
  68. Grant Writing: Learn how to write grants with our workshops and resources.
  69. Comics and Manga: Explore our collection of comics and manga.
  70. Local author collection: Explore books by local authors, current and historic.
  71. Local Author Expo: Come to our annual local author expo to meet the authors next door.
  72. Health Screenings: Participate in free health screenings and wellness checks.
  73. Notary: Free notary service!
  74. Disaster Preparedness: From basic first aid to bug out bags, we have you covered
  75. Bilingual Resources: Find resources in multiple languages.
  76. Nonprofit Resources: Get support for nonprofit organizations and initiatives.
  77. Passport applications: Planning a trip? Schedule an appointment to get your passport submitted.
  78. Historical Talks: Attend talks and lectures on historical topics.
  79. Computer Classes: Take our computer classes
  80. Scholarships Info: Access information on scholarships and educational grants.
  81. Special requests: Think there is something we should have? Tell us, and we will see about getting it.
  82. Family History: Research and document your family history.
  83. Book Awards: Discover award-winning books and authors.
  84. Local Partnerships: Benefit from partnerships with local businesses and organizations.
  85. Public Forums: Engage in public forums and community discussions.
  86. Environmental Programs: Join programs focused on environmental stewardship.
  87. We’ll hold it: If we don’t have it yet, or someone else has it now, place a request, and sit back. We’ll let you know when it comes in.
  88. Library Love: Show your support for the Petersburg Public Library and be part of its future.
  89. Poetry Slams: Participate in or watch poetry slams and spoken word events.
  90. Keep yourself busy: Check out up to 99 items at a time!
  91. Music Programs: Enjoy music programs and concerts hosted by the library.
  92. Library Tours: Take a tour to learn more about the library’s history and services.
  93. Discover what is happening around you: We are a center of information!
  94. Two weeks (at least): Check out books for two weeks… and if you aren’t finished with them, they will renew automatically up to five times (as long as no one else requests them).
  95. Historic newspapers: Petersburg newspapers on microfilm back to the early 1800s. Also, the Progress Index from 2001 on our website.
  96. Photography Exhibits: Explore photography exhibits and participate in photo contests.
  97. Local Obituaries: Know the date? Let us know, and we will look up obituaries for you.
  98. Debate Clubs: Participate in debate clubs and improve your public speaking skills.
  99. Environmental Conservation: Access resources on environmental conservation and sustainability.
  100. Community Gardening: Get involved in community gardening projects through the library. 

Get involved in community gardening projects through the library. Getting a new library card at the Petersburg Public Library is more than just accessing books – it’s about being part of a vibrant community and celebrating 100 years of knowledge, culture, and connection. Visit the library today and get your commemorative card while supplies last!

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Wayne Crocker at Petersburg Public Library with The Bank of Southside Virginia

Celebrating Community Leaders: Wayne Crocker and the Petersburg Public Library

For over a century, The Bank of Southside Virginia (BSV) has been committed to strengthening the local community. “Our mission is deeply rooted in the love and care we have for this area, and we aren’t going anywhere,” says a representative from BSV. “Every day, we strive to drive economic growth for local businesses and residents because we understand that a community like ours stays strong when money stays within it. We are dedicated to ensuring that our community’s prosperity is not outsourced to those who do not live here or care about Southside Virginia.”

However, financial strength alone does not build a strong community. It requires a blend of thoughtful ingredients, including politics, arts, philanthropy, equity, historic preservation, nature, and values-driven community leaders. These elements, when combined, create a vibrant and resilient community.

One such community leader is Wayne Crocker, the Director of the Petersburg Public Library. Wayne embodies the spirit and dedication needed to strengthen the community. Over the past 40 years, he has transformed the library into much more than a repository of books. Under his leadership, the Petersburg Public Library has become a beacon of hope in an area where hope can sometimes be in short supply. His decades of service and commitment to bettering Petersburg are truly humbling.

“It is our honor to work with and celebrate leaders like Wayne Crocker in our own small way,” says the BSV representative. “We believe in highlighting the people and places that make Southside Virginia strong through our marketing campaign, ‘BSV Loves Local.’ This campaign features photos and videos shared across various channels, including Facebook, TV, and outdoor billboards.”

In the featured image taken by photographer Scott Elmquist, Wayne Crocker is seen standing proudly within the Petersburg Public Library, a testament to his enduring impact on the community. As BSV continues to support and promote local heroes like Wayne, they are reminded of the vital role these individuals play in fostering a strong, united, and thriving community.

This year is particularly special as the Petersburg Public Library also celebrates its 100th anniversary. “We are excited to recognize this milestone and look forward to the many ways we will continue to support our community together,” says the BSV representative. “Stay tuned for more stories of incredible local leaders and the initiatives that keep Southside Virginia vibrant. Together, we can continue to build a community where every resident has the opportunity to flourish.”

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40 faces, 40 years Exhibit on Display at Petersburg Public Library!

For the month of May, come and see the 40 Faces, 40 Years exhibit on display at Petersburg Public Library! We had the opportunity to sit down with one of the unique faces of the exhibit: Briana Green, captured through the lens of renowned photographer Glen McClure.

Born in Norfolk and lifelong resident of Virginia, Glen McClure has brought the people and places of the US and Europe into focus through his photography. His path began to unfold after he purchased his first camera at 19, leading him to become a photographer’s assistant at the Studio Center in Norfolk and later the photography manager at Arthur Polizos Associates.

McClure’s portfolio gradually evolved from commercial photography to artistic portraits and landscapes, with his stunning images of “real people” in their natural habitats gaining international acclaim. Influenced by early 20th-century photographers Josef Sudek and Paul Strand, McClure’s work is recognized for masterful techniques and immediate connections between subject and viewer.

His deep love of world travel has inspired haunting, panoramic images of natural wonders across Virginia, Italy, France, and Ireland. With over 65 solo exhibitions and 50 group exhibitions in the US and Europe, McClure’s work is celebrated in private collections and museums worldwide, including the Chrysler Museum of Art, The Polaroid Collection, and The Mariners Museum.

Join us as we delve into Briana Green’s story, captured by the talented lens of Glen McClure, and explore the powerful narratives behind each portrait in the ’40 Faces, 40 Years’ exhibit.

Briana Green, a native of the Richmond area, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and grew up in Dinwiddie and Chesterfield, Virginia, alongside her older sister. Placed in foster care as a child, Briana was raised by family members, who received support from the Virginia Department of Social Services for her and her siblings’ care during their school years. This assistance was also intended to facilitate Briana’s higher education, which she pursued at VCU, graduating with a major in criminal justice. Throughout her academic journey, she interned with juvenile probation and now serves as a mental health specialist, leveraging her expertise to intervene in juvenile cases before they escalate to probationary measures.

Despite her dedication and perseverance, Briana faced financial challenges, as she was unaware that her foster family received support for her education. Consequently, she resorted to taking out student loans to cover living expenses on top of tuition costs. Seeking resolution to this family dispute, Briana has turned to the Virginia Poverty Law Center’s family law attorney for assistance.

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6th Annual Lena Whitt Lecture Series featuring S. A. Cosby

S.A. Cosby and an Unforgettable Evening: Recap of the 6th Annual Lena Whitt Lecture Series

The echoes of literary passion and inspiration still linger in the air following the remarkable 6th Annual Lena Whitt Lecture Series, hosted at the Petersburg Public Library. This year’s event was truly extraordinary, featuring the esteemed best-selling author S. A. Cosby. Let’s delve into the highlights and profound moments that made this event truly unforgettable.

Engaging with a Master Storyteller:
From the moment S. A. Cosby arrived, his passion for storytelling was tangible. Sharing personal anecdotes about his beloved 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass and his lifelong love affair with cars, it became clear that his creativity extended far beyond his novels. When he took the stage, Cosby’s down-to-earth demeanor and magnetic presence immediately captivated the audience. With eloquence and sincerity, he shared insights into his motivations, passions, and experiences that have shaped his journey as a storyteller.

Exploring the Depths of Crime Fiction:
Crime fiction enthusiasts and literary aficionados were treated to a thought-provoking exploration of the genre’s nuances and storytelling techniques. Cosby’s ability to weave gripping narratives, complex characters, and atmospheric settings was on full display, offering a glimpse into the artistry behind his acclaimed works. Each aspect of his storytelling, from thrilling plot twists to poignant introspection, resonated deeply with the audience.

Inspiring Dialogue and Connection:
The opportunity for attendees to engage directly with S. A. Cosby during the Q&A session was a highlight of the evening. From aspiring writers seeking advice to avid readers eager to delve deeper into the author’s creative process, the dialogue was rich with curiosity and insight. Cosby’s genuine warmth and generosity in sharing his experiences left a lasting impact, inspiring all present to embrace their creative journeys with passion and authenticity.

Celebrating Literature and Community:
The 6th Annual Lena Whitt Lecture Series served as a powerful reminder of the enduring importance of literature in our lives and communities. Through events like these, we come together to celebrate the beauty of storytelling, the power of language, and the richness of cultural exchange. As we reflect on the evening’s festivities, we are reminded of the profound connections that literature fosters and its transformative impact on our shared human experience.

As we bid farewell to another unforgettable installment of the Lena Whitt Lecture Series, we carry with us the lasting impressions left by S. A. Cosby’s remarkable presence and storytelling prowess. From his engaging anecdotes to his captivating dialogue, Cosby’s passion for storytelling shone brightly throughout the evening. Reflecting on the insights shared and connections forged, we are reminded of the enduring power of literature to inspire, unite, and enrich our lives. The Lena Whitt Lecture Series continues to be a beacon of literary excellence and community engagement, inviting us to celebrate the beauty of storytelling and the boundless possibilities of the human imagination. Here’s to many more moments of inspiration and discovery in the pages of the books we love and the stories we share.

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Celebrating a Century of Service: Petersburg Public Library’s Enduring Legacy

Nestled in the heart of Petersburg, Virginia, the Petersburg Public Library is more than just a building; it’s a cherished cornerstone of our community. This year, we’re thrilled to mark a major milestone: the library’s 100th anniversary! Let’s take a journey through its rich history and the impact it’s had on generations of Petersburg residents.

Our story begins in the historic William R. McKenney Memorial Building, a place steeped in history. Built in 1859 as a private home by John Dodson, Petersburg’s first mayor, it has seen its fair share of notable figures pass through its doors, including General William Mahone, known as the “Hero of the Crater.” But it was a heartfelt gesture by Clara Pickrell McKenney that changed its course forever.

After the passing of her husband, William R. McKenney, a respected local politician, Clara generously gifted the building to the city in 1924. Her vision? To create a space for learning and community, a library and museum in honor of her beloved husband. Thus, the Petersburg Public Library was born, initially named the William R. McKenney Free Library.

Since then, the library has been so much more than a place to borrow books. It’s been a hub of learning, creativity, and connection. From hosting story times for kids to providing resources for job seekers, the library has been there for Petersburg residents every step of the way.

As we celebrate our centennial, we invite you to join us in honoring our past and looking forward to our future. We’ll be hosting a series of special events throughout the year, from historical exhibits to author talks and more. It’s our way of saying thank you to the community that has supported us for the past 100 years.

So here’s to the Petersburg Public Library: a place where stories come to life, where knowledge knows no bounds, and where community thrives. Here’s to the next 100 years of learning, growing, and celebrating together. See you at the library!

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“Jazz in the Stacks” at Petersburg Public Library

Experience the Rhythmic Melodies of “Jazz in the Stacks 2024”

Jazz in the Stacks 2024!

Get ready to swing into the groove as Petersburg Public Library proudly presents “Jazz in the Stacks,” a series of live music events set amidst the literary haven of our beloved library. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable journey through jazz with an electrifying lineup of bands scheduled to perform on select dates from April 12 to September 13 2024.

The “Jazz in the Stacks” lineup promises to captivate audiences of all ages with an eclectic mix of talented musicians and vibrant performances. Prepare to be serenaded by the following stellar acts:

April 12, 2024 – Corey El and The Fam Band

June 14, 2024 – Kozy Cats Band and Show

July 12, 2024 – Soul Unlimited Band and Show

August 9, 2024 – Brother Blues Band and Show

September 13, 2024 – Dap Mallory Band and Show

Immerse yourself in an evening of soulful tunes, infectious rhythms, and smooth melodies, all set against the backdrop of our historic library. But the experience doesn’t stop there! Indulge your senses with delectable food and a selection of alcoholic beverages available onsite (for a fee$).

Time: Doors open at 6:00 PM-8:30pm

Location: Petersburg Public Library

Admission to “Jazz in the Stacks” is free for all, so gather your friends and family for a memorable night of music, camaraderie, and cultural enrichment.

Join us as we transform the Petersburg Public Library into a dynamic hub of jazz and community spirit. Don’t miss out on the amazing sounds of “Jazz in the Stacks”!

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Partnership for Petersburg: Unveiling a Mobile Grocery Store

Governor Glenn Youngkin recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at tackling food insecurity in Petersburg, a long-standing issue in the community. The unveiling of the 26-foot-long Goodr Co. truck signifies a significant milestone in addressing the lack of access to fresh food and healthy staples for residents living in the heart of the city’s food desert.

Partnerships Driving Change:
Thanks to partnerships with major companies such as Amazon, Anthem Insurance, Bon Secours health system, and Comcast, the mobile grocery store now offers free food to Petersburg residents. These collaborations have made it possible to provide essential resources to those in need and pave the way for future development in the area.

Community Impact and Future Prospects:
Mayor Sam Parham emphasizes the importance of gathering insights from the community to tailor offerings and inform the development of a permanent supermarket in downtown Petersburg. This feedback loop ensures that resources are allocated effectively and that the needs of residents are met comprehensively.

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Exploring Art & Community: Julian Greene and Nikkea Shareè

Watch this Video!

At Petersburg Public Library, we take pride in celebrating the rich tapestry of talent within our community. One way we do this is by showcasing the work of a local artist each month. As you walk through our library, heading towards the Conference and Event Center, you’ll be greeted by the vibrant colors, intricate designs, and compelling narratives brought to life by our featured artist.

This month, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Julian Greene and Nikkea Shareè, our talented spotlight artist. Through a brief video, we delve into the inspiration behind their work, their creative process, and the stories embedded within each piece.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a curious passerby, or simply someone looking to appreciate the beauty of local talent, we encourage you to take a moment to watch the video. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with the artist on a deeper level, gaining insight into their vision and the stories they share through their art.

Join us in celebrating the diverse creativity that enriches our community.

Thank you for supporting local talent and making our library a vibrant hub of creativity. We look forward to sharing more inspiring stories with you in the months to come.

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Little Innovators Robotics Class Flyer

Unlock the Future!

Learn: Fundamental Coding Sequencing Patterns Problem Solving

Are you searching for an exciting learning opportunity to share with your child? Look no further than Petersburg Public Library’s Little Innovators Robotics Classes featuring the Sphero BOLT Coding Robot!

Parents, imagine the joy on your child’s face as they delve into the fascinating world of robotics right here at our library. Our classes offer the perfect blend of fun and education, with the Sphero BOLT serving as a gateway to endless STEM adventures.

Join us as we guide your child through hands-on activities and interactive coding challenges using the innovative Sphero BOLT. Equipped with advanced sensors and a programmable LED matrix, this cutting-edge robot sparks creativity and fosters critical thinking skills in young learners.

At Petersburg Public Library, we understand the importance of providing enriching experiences that ignite curiosity and inspire lifelong learning. That’s why our Little Innovators Robotics Classes are designed to engage both children and parents, creating memorable moments and fostering a love for STEM.

So, parents, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to bond with your child while exploring the exciting world of robotics. Join us at Petersburg Public Library and embark on a STEM adventure that will leave your child eager to learn and explore!

See you soon!

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